November 1, 2011

Worn  Blouse, Missoni for Target | black slacks, LOFT | pumps, Banana Republic (2009) | sash belt, from my Tucker for Target dress

Details  I’m not exactly a wallflower when it comes to my clothing selections, but this shirt is definitely one of the more loud pieces in my closet.  It just kind of jumps out at you when you open my closet door. It’s ferosh. No offense to the lovely people responsible for the Missoni for Target line, but while roaming the halls at school I felt a bit like Liberace. Plus, this recent purchase of simple black pants was another new one for me. I usually have to be forced to purchase basics and as silly as it sounds it took me awhile to figure out how to wear them.  It’s hard to think outside the box with something as simple as black pants.  How can I keep it interesting?  I’m not sure buying every loud shirt I can find is the right choice….. or is it?