March 3, 2011

Worn Dress: Trina Turk via Nordstrom Rack, cardigan: Banana Republic (had buttons changed), black tights: Spanx, booties: H&M, scarf: thrifted, headband: Nordstrom.

Details On Thursday afternoon I had the pleasure of getting my car’s emissions tested in South Seattle.  Despite rotten directions (thanks, Google) I made it there before closing.  There I met Kathryn, a woman whom I didn’t know was a woman until I saw her name tag.  Now I don’t say that to be mean, no, not in the least.  Clearly I’m a girly gal, but to each his own, you know?  I truly believe that you have to be yourself.  After all, everyone else is already taken. (Yes, I stole that from a famous quote, but it makes me feel smart, m’kay?)

I was having this kind of fluffy moment in my own head, as I watched her tug on her jumpsuit and wipe sweat from her forehead, about how different we were and still probably, in many ways, alike.  I got to thinking about personal style.  I may be going out on a limb here, but I don’t think personal style always refers to fashion.  It means being you in your own way.  Because that’s the best way to be yourself.  You can’t live to please others and although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery it can also come off as a little Single White Female.  I feel the very best when I’m just me.  No imitation or brand loyalty required.  I wear black tights with my brown boots and someone’s old scarf that smells like a grandmother and a floral headband for good measure.  I may post photos on this little blog, but in no way do I intend to preach my ideas on fashion or fancy myself an expert.  I’m me, Kathryn is Kathryn, and we’re doing it just right.