DSC_1013 DSC_1022DSC_1017DSC_1019DSC_1020I love this skirt. It’s quickly become my favorite. I remember when I found it, buried in the clearance rack at Banana Republic, and wondered if it would even work on me. It’s a great example of the “just try it on” mentality you have to have while shopping. It’s like people who are insanely picky eaters and refuse to try something that looks…different. It’s the same with clothes. If you don’t try it on you’ll never know and might miss out on what might be your favorite skirt.

I’ve passed a major milestone: it’s been a year now that I’ve been living on my own. It feels so good, you guys. I’m feel very thankful for all of the blessings in my life and so proud of all I’ve accomplished in the last year. That said, I have so many more goals for myself. Right now I’m focusing on my financial goals. I’m working on saving, paying off debt, and working my way toward being financially free. I’m really excited to accomplish some big things this year, so I’m not shopping, and spending more time and money on the things that will benefit my life and future. The world of fashion blogging, and really a love and appreciation of style, can suck you in and make you feel like you have to have the latest thing each and every season. I’m working on loving the pieces I already have, rediscovering things I don’t wear much, and falling back in love with all those garments I had to have way back when. It feels really good.

OUTFIT DETAILS  sweater, J.Crew (similar) | skirt, Banana Republic (also pretty) | tights, Spanx | leopard wedges, Banana Republic | handbag, Coach (similar) | sunglasses, LOFT (also pretty)

Check out how I first wore this skirt with a simple black sweater and booties with a pop of that brilliant blue in my handbag here.

again and again-leopard stripe