March 24, 2011

Worn Dress: J.Crew, cardigan: Banana Republic (similar), scarf: B.P. at Nordstrom, green tights: Spanx, Mary Janes: Sofft via Nordstrom Rack (similar).

Details Thursday night in the park with husband behind the lens of our camera.  We live near a big park that we have a great view of from our apartment and it provides constant entertainment for us.  We get to see the best and the worst of tennis and basketball players in the area (which is often quite humorous!) and we get to enjoy everything from local soccer leagues to Little League baseball and just about everything in between.  I always hope that first time visitors to our place get to see some of the more interesting sports on display, namely dodgeball (there’s a HUGE league that plays in the tennis courts) and bicycle polo (which you can see a sneak peak of to my left in the photo above).  Endless entertainment.

I love this dress.  It just makes me feel good.  Purchasing it at J.Crew was a great day considering I hadn’t shopped at J.Crew in a million years and their sale section was bursting with lovely treats, this dress among them.  I’m having fun with styling this one and have some more ideas up my sleeve for future remixes.  If I do the 30 for 30 again, this dress will definitely be in the running for a spot in my 30 items.  A dress like this is great because it’s of a very high quality and the style works in so many ways that I feel like I can wear it all year long.  I’m excited to prove this point as the sun starts coming out more and more.

Today is the Seattle Blogger Meetup and I can’t wait to bond with some other Seattle bloggers with style.  I’ll be toting my camera along so that I can take some photos and report back to all of you.  To check out the other bloggers beforehand, please check out my Seattle Blogger Meetup page.

Have a happy Saturday, everyone!