April 22, 2011

Worn Shirt: J.Crew, pants: LOFT, oxfords: Urban Outfitters, shades: Prada.

Details After a long trip away from home I was anxious to get back and spend the last few days of spring break with husband. Since plans to see another friend in Yakima fell through, I thought I’d head home slowly, stopping along the way when the mood struck. I stopped a total of three times, once for lunch, once in Thorp at the famous fruit stand and antique mall (showing off in a future post…) and a third time at this viewpoint. Camera in tow I took a ton of photographs on my trip, which is truly one of the best things about road trippin’.

Since I was spending most of the day in the car….and it ended up being ALL day thanks to a crazy onion accident and highway construction, I am glad I paired this easy going shirt with my new favorite comfy pants. Β It ended up being the perfect road wear; about as casual as it gets north of sweatpants in bed.

Good thing I enjoyed myself while I did…

Because pretty soon after that I was stuck in an Interstate 90 parking lot for the next three hours. Β Hmph.