October 3, 2012

Worn  dress, thrifted H&M | jacket, LOFT (2011) | tights, Spanx | booties, Banana Republic (2011) | doctor bag, c/o Bank Fashion | belt, Banana Republic (2007) | watch, Timex

Details  Sometimes it’s quite humorous getting these outfit photos. I mean, really. Taking photos of yourself with a big ol’ Nikon on a rickety tripod carefully balanced in front of the dumpsters behind your apartment building isn’t exactly, erm, normal. And I live in a super populated area. As I was setting up said tripod, while trying not to sink my heels into the flowerbeds, trying to avoid the sixteenth set of passers by, lo and behold, in the distance, I made out a vision that turned out to be my lovely husband. Thank heaven. Total lifesaver.