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I did it. I took a long weekend. The kind where I could have been working, but chose not to. This might not sound like much, but for the gal who’s always up for a training and generally signs up to do too much it was kind of a big deal. Bonus? I didn’t just do the usual hang out stuff, I lived it up. I did so many fun things that when it came to Weekend Sharing, a journal assignment with my students today, I had to actively choose one thing to write about. Conclusion? Long weekends are awesome. Seattle’s Great Wheel is overpriced, but awesome, and fun is not underrated.

I picked up this little Philip Lim for Target dress while visiting my mother and stepfather in Spokane. I’m so happy we went to Target because apparently the Spokane Valley Target has the secret stash of Philip Lim stuff that Seattle has long since run out of. I didn’t think I’d like this dress from the lookbook, but honestly it fits like a dream and the hem is so fun and interesting that it had to come home with me. I’ve waxed about my love of dresses with sleeves before, so this is a great addition to my closet.

OUTFIT DETAILS  dress, Philip Lim 3.1 for Target (still available on eBay) | sweater, Banana Republic | necklace, Target | tights, Spanx | shoes, Banana Republic | Coach c/o Value Village