July 13, 2011

Worn  Dress, vintage via The Vutique; belt, gift; shoes, Banana Republic; handbag, vintage Coach; shades, Anthropologie.

Details  It’s perfect out.  74 degrees with a slight breeze and not a single rain cloud in sight.  After a quick meeting today I had to linger on this beautiful strip of sidewalk and old brick buildings to enjoy the view.

I love this little vintage dress and it has the most unique print. The guy I bought it from said he found it in a vintage shop in Paris so that adds a little mystery to it as well. He takes vintage pieces and reworks them for modern wear. If you look closely it’s little matchboxes and matches floating through it. Whenever I wear it I think of Mad Men and all of the interesting little things Janie Bryant finds or makes for the ladies to wear on the show. I gave this dress a more modern vibe with a woven belt and these strappy, neutral heels.