February 28, 2011

Worn Cardigan (had my tailor change the buttons), tank and skirt: Banana Republic, belt: TJ Maxx, green tights: Spanx via Nordstrom, scarf: B.P. via Nordstrom, Mary Janes: Sofft via Nordstrom Rack.

Details Say hello to outfit number twenty-three.  I’m happy it’s hanging back in the closet and I’m now in my sweats.  I felt a little off today, even before I even put it #23 on this morning.  I had two options hanging on my closet door, both of which (to be honest) I wasn’t thrilled with.  Do you ever feel like that, where the outfit doesn’t really come together?  That was my morning.  This was the first day that I felt really lost in my 30.  Sure I’ve had days where I had to swap outfit ideas around until I found a good match, but leaving our apartment this morning I clutched my bags and threw on my coat and muttered, “Only 7 more…only 7 more.”

I’ve learned so much from this remixing experience, and I’m proud to say that I’m thisclose to finishing…but I’ll be happy to hug the items in my closet and ignore some of these for awhile.  Plus…I think I’ve identified another skirt in need of tailoring.  I’m also becoming more and more aware that I’ve been abusing this silver belt.  Plus it was a long first day back from break in these heels.  Have I whined enough yet?  I think I’ve got a case of the Mondays.

Thanks be to husband for these chilly outdoor photos.  xo