April 16, 2011

Worn Sweatshirt, silk blouse and metallic flats: Banana Republic, pants: LOFT, handbag: thrifted vintage Coach.

Details It’s the first official day of my spring break from school (yay!!) and I couldn’t be happier to have a break. They were darling, of course, hugging me on their way out the door, several threatened to never let go.  My first year of teaching has been a wild one, but no matter what I try to always remember to laugh often and appreciate the little things.

With all of the stress leading up to state testing and the impending sunshine the kids and I needed a week off to sleep in and, of course, play.  My play will be sewing with my Mama.  I’m heading out to visit her, my stepdad, and some friends in Spokane tomorrow and then off to visit my pal Suzy and her new little baby after that.  It should be a fun week!  Until I leave I’ll be lazing around the apartment, watching 30 Rock and attempting to pack.  I love spring break!