May 7, 2011

Worn Dress: Tucker for Target, cardigan: LOFT, scarf: Gap, belt: vintage, previously owned by husband’s grandma, tights: Spanx (charcoal), shoes: Butter from MIL’s old shoes store.

Details Hello friends!  Excited for summer but not looking forward to giving up your tights like me?  Just throw on some flowers! You’ll be screaming spring in no time…

Florals | Everybody, Everywear

If only that would actually work.

I love love summer for so many reasons.  I love the feeling of sunshine on my arms and legs for the few days a year it’s actually sunny here in Seattle.  I love summer fabrics like lightweight cottons, cotton jersey and most of all linen.  I love my platform sandals and pretending like I’m the 70s goddess my mother was back in the day.  So much is wonderful.  But every year I have this same tortured goodbye with my collection of hosiery.  I just love them soooo much.  Ya know?  I’ll get over it, get excited about summer and go full force on this white legs in public thing soon enough.

Are you having any white legs anxiety?