December 11, 2011

Worn Blazer and booties, Banana Republic | dress, vintage | tights, Spanx | cashmere scarf, gift from a student | headband, Nordstrom Rack

Details  I’ve got a little backlog of outfits from December saved up and am cranking through them this week.  I think this is the last one, but you never know…I may come across a few more surprises in my camera. My little vintage 60s dress is always fun to wear and I’ve had some fun coming up with different options. I love the mix of this tweed blazer with it’s super girly floral print.

Husband and I have been trying out some new shows on Netflix and I’m happy to report our new favorite is a show everybody has been loving and watching since ’05, How I Met Your Mother. I can’t believe it took us so long to watch it! As a result we’ve come up with the best ever tradition in our little household – pancake Sundays (an early show reference if you watch it…). For the last month I’ve been making pancakes every Sunday and sometimes it’s just us two and sometimes we have visitors, but it’s always awesome.

What are some of your weekly traditions?