February 4, 2011

Where: Although I had a sub today I had to go to school to pick something up this afternoon.  I went to the grocer on the way home and then went right back to the sofa with my Kleenex and throat spray.


Tweed blazer and grey tee: Banana Republic

Jeans: Joe’s Jeans

Shoes: Coach (gift from Mama)

Scarf: Old Navy (last summer)

Details: Today has been an interesting day… I woke myself up coughing so hard last night and tried to rest my throat today as much as possible.  Luckily I had my sweet cuddle bug Ruby with me so I could rest and get better.  Tonight one of my good friends is having a birthday party, but I will be staying in because I’ve been feeling so rotten.  I am supposed to see Cinderella the ballet on Sunday with some of my closest girlfriends, so I am hoping that I am feeling better by then.  I am pretty determined not to miss this fun event!

I have spent most of the day watching old episodes of a little known show called Party Down, thus the title of this post.  It’s an original comedy from Starz that’s directed by Fred Savage from the Wonder Years!  It’s super funny and dry and occasionally in poor taste, but I love it.  We got Netflix a couple of months ago and I swear it’s the best investment ever.  Check out Party Down if you haven’t already….it’s genius.

Oh Ruby, you’re so gosh darned adorable.  Really and truly.