May 27, 2011

Worn Blazer: LOFT, dress: Tucker for Target, necklace and suede pumps: Banana Republic, tights: Spanx, belt: gift, previously belonged to my husband’s Grandma. (Is there a shorter way to note that?)

Details I don’t like to play favorites with my clothes. I mean, I know that some things I absolutely no question out and out adore and some are staple pieces that, although they don’t make me dance and sing, are essential to creating a look that rocks. But this was truly an outfit made of pieces I am over the moon for, and pairing them together made for possibly my favorite outfit to date. This little Chanel-inspired blazer was long my muse before I found it on the clearance rack (score!) and in my size (double-mega-score!!). I literally jumped and screamed. Repeatedly. In the store. People stared. When I’m out shopping I should seriously wear a t-shirt that says…

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