February 18, 2011

Worn Black cardigan & skinny jeans: Banana Republic, silk tank: Halogen, scarf: Ann Taylor Outlet, wedges: Coach (gift from Mama)

Details I had a great day up until the very end.  Something yucky happened which I’d prefer not to get into at the moment.  I’d much rather focus on the positive, because attitude is everything and all of that silly stuff.  Sheesh.  I sound like one of those motivational posters.

I had one of those great mornings where I got up at a decent time, had time to enjoy my coffee and cereal without sacrificing my makeup routine, washed my hair and it turned out to be a great (I hope!) hair day and I just felt, well…good.  Today at school I threw my first Writers Celebration for my third graders and they did such a great job!  Parents and staff came to my room to hear them read their outstanding essays.  I was so proud.

After that…kablooey.

The good news is that tonight is the beginning of mid-winter break at school so I get a whole long wonderful week off.  I also have a big event to go to tomorrow night and…yikes…I don’t know what they heck I’m going to wear.  Back to the drawing board.