February 15, 2011

Worn Jean jacket: LOFT, dress: H&M, grey tights: Spanx, boots: Frye, jade ring: purchased in Taiwan last year, wave ring and stackable rings: I’ve had since high school(!).

Details I had to depart a little from my 30 to keep up with the fun decade themes at my school this week for Dance Week.  It’s been really fun combing my closet for styles that work for each decade.  Although yesterday I was able to do it with items from my 30, Tuesday was a bit tougher.  To go for that grunge-ish girl look I had to have my big heavy flat boots; the closest thing to my beloved Doc Marten’s from ninth grade.  Back them I had some floral dresses that were pretty popular and a jean jacket set the rest of the outfit.  I also wore barely any makeup and put my hair in my old favorite “half-back” style.

The last step was loading on bunches of rings.  Not quite Pheobe Buffay, but definitely including a ring on my index finger and my (oh no…) thumb.  I have to admit I felt quite silly, but hey.  When I go theme I go for reality.  Either that or I was spending too much time lounging around with husband this weekend to hit up Value Village.  At least I can claim that I didn’t spend any money on theme week.  Cheers.

Here’s some of my 90s inspiration.

Floral dresses love combat boots…

My So-Called Life


What were your favorite 90s looks?