January 19, 2012

Worn  Turtleneck, necklace and coat (in hand) Banana Republic | dress and gloves, Urban Outfitters | belt, gift | tights, Spanx | boots, J.Crew | handbag, Coach, thrifted

Details  Have you heard the news about Seattle Snowpocolypse 2012? It’s been a crazy week here in the Emerald White City. We had a 90-minute delay at school and Tuesday and were canceled out for the rest of the week as the storm got worse and worse. Husband and I stayed bundled up indoors for the better part of Tuesday and Wednesday and we finally broke out last night.

We headed to our favorite local pub where we met up with friends for some dinner, drinks and laughs. Afterward we trekked several blocks (normally a very short walk) to another friend’s place and I lost all feeling in my toes, granted I was wearing these heeled J.Crew boots. Big mistake! Later we waddled back down to Denny and Bellevue to watch a mob of sledders zip down the hill on anything within reach – cookie sheets, TV boxes, laundry baskets, you name it! We might go back tonight, and if we do, mark my words, I’ll be wearing more sledding-friendly apparel.