DSC_0044plaid shirt, Banana Republic | houndstooth denim, Hudson | leather tote, Madewell | nude flats, Banana Republic | necklace, J.Crew

This week’s been super relaxing so far! On Sunday, I got my first professional massage! It was one of Jim’s Valentine’s gifts for me and he got one, too. I have to admit I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I’d be able to relax completely, but I was so relaxed that the 90 minutes just whizzed right by! It was wonderful. Afterwards it took me awhile to adjust to the light, like I’d been asleep for several hours or something. Yesterday after school I took my first yoga class. I am really into the whole idea of finding my center and getting more in touch with my body. It’s a total beginner’s class, and now I’m hyper-aware of the fact that I don’t stretch nearly enough before and after workouts.

This is my outfit from the Friday of mid-winter break, when I went into work for a training all day. This combo was comfy and casual, just perfect for a full day of training, plus it didn’t rain so I got away for most of the day sans coat. Whenever I wear plaid I feel like a true Seattleite. Maybe it’s a nod to the area’s logging roots or possibly the grunge style that Seattle will always be associated with. Regardless, plaid makes me feel right at home.

Ok, total side note, but are there any other silly people out there watching The Bachelor? I know Katrina does… I can’t believe it’s already whittled down to the final two girls. And can we talk about the ghost town that is Arlington, Iowa? I kinda agree with Britt, I could never  be happy in a place so tiny. They said you’d have to drive an hour just to go to a restaurant or see a movie! But her exit was so bizarre… And my mouth was on the floor when Chris eliminated Caitlyn! I totally thought Becca was going home. Alright, I’ll stop…