jeweled cardigan, LOFT, c/o Value Village | little green dress, Madewell | tights, Spanx | black patent wedge, Banana Republic (similar) | handbag, Coach Molly satchel (also pretty) | sunglasses, LOFT

I can’t say enough about Value Village. Or Madewell dresses. Or the patent wedge heels from Banana Republic. Or black tights. Well, I could give or take the tights since I’m one foot out the door into spring (Welcome spring!!). This is what I consider the last of the winter outfits. I took these photos a couple of weeks ago when it was starting to brighten up here in Seattle, but still pretty cold. Even still, this outfit brought together so many of my favorite things.

I have dearly loved every dress I’ve bought at Madewell (this one is another favorite of mine and if I had some extra cash I’d totally splurge on this one, too) and every other time I’ve worn this LGD, it’s been beautiful out (case in point).  It was fun styling it up with winter in mind and I love how it turned out with this sweet little VV find. I’ve always wanted a jeweled cardigan and this one was a total steal. If you haven’t been out to Value Village lately, get thee to a shop this instant! There is so much buried treasure out there!