DSC_0518sweater, Banana Republic (similar) | skirt, COOPERATIVE via Urban Outfitters | sleeveless jacket, Treasure & Bond | scarf, c/o Superdry | wedge mules, Nine West via Nordstrom Rack (similar) | handbag, Rebecca Minkoff “Affair”

Who’s ready for spring? This girl. Ever since I picked up these mules I’ve been dying to wear them with skirts, but alas, the weather has not supported this line of thinking. It was certainly on the cold side, but I just couldn’t resist when I woke up to sunny clear skies and a glowy Seattle skyline reminiscent of spring. Luckily I threw on this cozy scarf from Superdry to keep me warm! I’m hopeful the rain will let up a bit more over the coming week so I can get out and take more photos, and get a bit more use out of this darling, scalloped-hem skirt. Fingers crossed!

The last couple of weeks have been crazy for me! There’s been so much stress piled high on my plate, so Sunday I did what always makes me feel a bit better… I began deep cleaning my apartment. I know that’s an odd choice considering my joy over the sunshine, but I pulled up all my window shades and got to work. I know I can’t be the only one who avoids cleaning her microwave most of the year. Right? It felt like a major accomplishment. Plus, I did some more furniture rearranging in my place and am loving the results. There’s just something about freshening up my space that lightens up my mind and softens my stress. On the top of my stress pile is that I dropped my iPhone in the toilet on Friday and have been without a phone for days. No wonder I found the time to clean my microwave…