February 19, 2011

Worn Dress: H&M via Crossroads Trading Co., necklace: LOFT, tights: Spanx, Mary Janes: Sofft via Nordstrom Rack, coat: Halogen via Nordstrom, clutch: Banana Republic

Details Saturday night, husband and I were invited to attend the annual Artist Trust art auction in Seattle Center’s Fisher Plaza. My mother-in-law is a member of the board and she and my father-in-law sweetly asked us to come along or some fun, food and of course art.   It was a challenge to find an outfit suitably dressy from my 30 for 30 items, but I was pleased with how this outfit turned out.  In retrospect, I really should have opted for a heavier coat considering it was bitter cold out and we had to wait for a cab after the event.

The theme of the event was Temptation, and they had a red curtain clad stage complete with burlesque performers as well as tasty treats traveling around the room on the arms of waiters and dance performers floating around the room between bidders.  There was a silent auction and a live auction, both of which were terribly exciting.  There were lovely ladies at every turn and I took several mental notes on potential outfit ideas.

For more photos from the our fabulous evening at the Artist Trust Auction continue after the break 🙂

I have a lot of shots of “Spacey,” but I think this one is my very favorite one ever.

The room was lovely all decked out in red.

Bidders pass through the long white walls in search of their heart’s desire.

Several different burlesque performers made for a fun and lively evening!

It’s always nice to have an excuse to see husband all dressed to impress.

This belly dancer was amazing to watch!

There was a delightful duo of guy and gal dancers, both wearing lovely ballet skirts.

All in all, a fantastic Seattle evening with loved ones.