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I love this weather. When the air is crisp, yet warm, I can see the Olympics out my window, there’s not a cloud in the sky, and you feel a breeze that sends your heart into palpitations. Although I’m a lover of fall and all it’s gifts, leaves turning color, that crisp whip of fall air, freshly sharpened pencils and a new class full of second graders, I must say that spring and summer feel like a vacation in Seattle, even if I’m too broke to actually go on one.

I fell in love with these little denim shorts and have been enjoying wearing them around a bunch, so much so that I bought them in grey and green, too. I think they’re the perfect length and cut for me, and that’s a miracle to find in a pair of shorts. And this blouse? It’s my favorite one! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get it up on the blog, but here it finally is. The handbag was a last minute addition suggested by best friend C. right before we headed out to snap these photos and I think it was a stroke of genius. It’s just silly enough to work.

It’s been one of those crazy hectic weeks when you can’t really believe you survived it and that it’s over so quickly. I have just four more days of school until I trounce out into summer. Part of me is ecstatic to relax and reset, while a big part of me is getting wistful about my last moments with this incredible group of kids. That’s the funny thing about teaching, every year is a reboot and every class must move on. But this class, they have been incredible.


OUTFIT DETAILS  shirt, Madewell (similar) | shorts, Banana Republic | shoes, Chie Mihara | handbag, Banana Republic (super old, like 2004!)