February 3, 2011

Where: Against my better judgement I went back to school again on Thursday.  At least I was armed with throat spray and various other medications.  I planned to get a sub for Friday.


Striped sweater and skinny jeans: Banana Republic

Jean Jacket: LOFT

Flats: Me Too via Nordstrom

Scarf: Cost Plus World Market

Details: I really felt under the weather yesterday.  It was hard to get through the day.  I’m afraid I’m using up all my comfy pant outfit options these first few days because of the sickness.  Regardless of those fears I remain confident that I’ll be able to keep this remix interesting.  I’m just off to a rocky start.  I spent a few hours after school organizing everything for my sub on Friday and it’s good to go home knowing I don’t have to yank myself out of bed in the morning.  Hopefully sleep will cure this thing.

In selecting my 30 items, I was excited to throw in some things I haven’t worn in a long time.  This striped sweater is definitely falls into that category.  I’ve got some other ideas for this top up my sleeves (weird visual there…) that I’m hoping I can pull out next week.  For now I’m planning on snuggling with my cat on the sofa.