October 31, 2011

 Worn  Black blazer, Olivia Moon via Nordstrom | silk blouse, Halogen via Nordstrom | jeans, Banana Republic | scarf, vintage | Mary Janes, Naturalizer via Macy’s | handbag, Coach (2010)

Details  I love Halloween.  It’s seriously my favorite holiday of the whole year.  But this year it hasn’t been super Halloween-y.  I mean we went out and bought some small bags of Halloween candy and put them in the pumpkin jar, but since we’re in an apartment we don’t get any trick-or-treaters.  We watched some scary movies, but never seemed to make it to the old standards, Halloween, Monster House, Prom Night….

The good news is I teach second grade and we had an out of this world Harvest Party.  Caramel apples were made, mini pumpkins were decorated, games were played and treats consumed.  And when I threw on Garfield’s Halloween Special circa when I was in second grade (it was my FAVORITE!) I finally got into the Halloween spirit.  Thank heaven for YouTube, amazing parent volunteers, and Kit Kat bars.

In case i piqued your curiosity, enjoy the fabulous Garfield Halloween Special below….