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I chickened out on posting my July clothing budget with Fran and the gals this month. I have some work to do in that arena, especially as of late. I used up my last extra funds purchasing myself some early birthday gifts today at Anthropologie with my birthday coupon. I am officially done spending in August. I’m thinking some sort of South-Beach-Diet-esque cleansing month is in order during which I remix what I’ve got and save my pennies. Like an expanded 30 for 30 if you will. Anyone up for a shopping ban? Seriously? Contact me immediately.

I’ve thought long and hard about budgeting over the last few months. I’m living on my own for the very first time, and for the first time in a very long time everything about my life is my own decision. There’s no bartering or conceding, persuading or agreement. Everything I do is all about what I want. In many ways it’s liberating, and I don’t mean to say that my ex was in any way controlling. It’s just that when you live with another person you have to both agree on things. Now everything in my fridge I picked out and purchased. If my place is clean it stays clean and if it’s a mess I know it’s because I’ve yet to clean it. That also means that nothing will ever change unless I make it happen. Every nickel I spend or save is totally my decision and I have no one to answer to. Pair this with losing a significant amount of weight and furnishing a new apartment, and it becomes obvious I’ve spent a bit of money recently. So here we are at square 1, rethinking a basic life skill: the budget. I’ve done budgeting over the years but now I’m serious about it in a whole new way. I want to look at it as a challenge; like a little game I can play with my bank account. I’m going to start a journal of what I purchase and hang onto receipts. I’m going to be honest and post my budget with Fran and the gals at the end of the month. I’m going to get real. Wish me luck.

OUTFIT DETAILS  All clothing pieces c/o online thrifting website thredUP! This is the first of a week’s worth of outfits from my haul. | top, Banana Republic | dress, GAP | necklace, thrifted at Crossroads on Broadway | studded sandals, Steve Madden

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