jacket, c/o Brooks | top, c/o Brooks | pants, c/0 Brooks | shoes, Ghost 8 c/oBrooks | sports bra (that you can’t see), c/o Brooks | headphones, Urbanears (on sale!) | phone case, Ottorbox Commuter for iPhone 6 (on sale!)

Hello friends! I finally made some time to pull out the camera today and document my outfit, although you’ll notice it’s a little specific. Yes, it’s my new running gear from Brooks! They were kind enough to invite me to an event at their HQ flagship store, Brooks Trailhead, and we were treated cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, a fall trends fashion show, and gifted some lovely pieces. After a summer of indulgence it came at the perfect time for me to get excited about running again. Today I went for a run around my neighborhood, Capitol Hill, through one of my favorite places, Volunteer Park. It was a beautiful day for it!

I love the weekends because I’m not trying to workout right after work. I can have a lazy morning, throw in the laundry, and go for a long run before coming home to finish it. Full disclosure, I’ve never been a great runner, but it clears my head and I go at my own pace, just listening to my body, pushing myself a little more each time. I get to enjoy the beauty of my classic Seattle neighborhood, listen to great music or podcasts, and let my busy mind just be.

Finding the right running gear has made all the difference in my enjoyment of running, I must say! I used to try and run in t-shirts and kept my shoes for way too long. At the Brooks event a lovely associate helped me with gait testing on one of their treadmills and she recommended a few shoes to try. The Ghost 8 was the first shoe I tried on and…wow. I don’t think I’ll be able to run without Brooks shoes ever again! They’re so light and cushy and make every step so much easier. This pair of “Streaker Capris” has a four-way stretch and are incredibly comfortable. I find they stay in place the whole time and really move with me when I run. They’re amazing!


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