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I am so excited that I finally got out and took some outfit photos! I’m so sorry that it’s been so long. I know that I get crazy busy the two weeks before school starts and even though I know it’s coming I neglect to line up some guest posts to prep for it. Next year I’ll definitely remember. My classroom is looking super adorable (photos to come!) and today was the first day of school. I wore this dress last Saturday for a wedding I attended and again today for the first day of school. As soon as I tried it on I knew it would be the “everywhere dress”. The kind of dress that is always cute, comfortable and works for any occasion. A hall-of-fame-er.

Truth be told I suck at shopping bans. It’s like going cold turkey on a diet or something. I can’t do all or nothing and I know this about myself. You might recognize this bag from this post, and my insane obsession with it. I sold $30 worth of goods on PoshMark to start saving up for it when my Mama asked me what I wanted for my birthday. We discussed her buying me a dress from Anthro (a moderately priced one, of course) when she brought up my obsession with the Transport Tote. She generously offered to pay for half of it for my birthday as long as I agreed to have it monogrammed with my new-old initials. Since I’m about to change my name back soon it was great timing to get a fun new favorite bag with my initials on it. I have to say it’s everything I hoped it would be. I adore it. While she was here visiting I also picked up the dress, a splurge, but it was right at the end of the month and perfect for two events. Suffice it to say I want everything in Madewell, but am trying to control myself and save.

OUTFIT DETAILS  dress, Madewell | handbag, Madewell Transport Tote | necklace, Anthropologie | nude wedge heels, Banana Republic