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Husband and I are moving, yet again, and this weekend we started the packing process. Everyone we know keeps telling us we have oodles of time, but we’re just T-2-weeks from moving day and as veterans of the world of suck that is moving, we know that success lies in the pre-planning and pre-packing. Thank heavens for my co-worker B. who gave me tons of free boxes and to my buds C. and K. who came over last night to watch girly movies, eat pizza and help me do a little packing up. If you want to know how strong your friendship really is, see if any of your friends offer to help you pack/move. Anyone will be willing to drive you to the hospital, but those who willingly offer up time to engage in one of life’s most frustrating experiences is truly a selfless wonder of a human being. I’m so glad I have those kind of friends in my life. I am incredibly lucky.


OUTFIT DETAILS  jacket, LOFT (similar) | striped tee, LOFT | skirt, ??? (similar) | necklace, LOFT | headband, Tasha (similar) | clutch, J.Crew (summer 2012) | shoes, Circa Joan & David, thrifted at Value Village for a whopping $7.99!