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It’s been beautiful in Seattle. Just beautiful. Sometimes I think this could be a style/weather blog considering how often I wax or lament over the atmospheric situation. But weather determines so much of what we wear here in Seattle (and really everywhere) that somehow they’re extricably linked in my mind.

The sun is staying up later in the day now, which means snapping photos after work is more of a viable option more than once or twice a week. My camera is full of posts and nothing makes me happier. Well, maybe all the flowers and treats I got for Valentine’s Day might win that race. Nothing makes a single girl happier than celebrating Valentine’s Day in a second grade classroom. Or the fact that I’m on vacation this week. Suffice it to say I’m feeling mighty relaxed and happy at the moment. Life is good.

OUTFIT DETAILS  dress, Banana Republic | belt, LOFT | tights, Spanx | patent wedges, Banana Republic