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When I first started this blog way back when, I was looking to reinvent myself through my personal style. I wanted to clean out my overflowing closet with four sizes worth of outfits that spanned several years of closet packratting. I wanted to find the shapes and fits and styles that suited me best. Mostly I wanted to get away from boring outfits like pants and silk tops. Enter this outfit. I couldn’t help but giggle a bit when I put it on this morning. It reminded me of my old “uniform” before I was teaching, long before this blog, when I used to wear pants and silk blouses nearly every day to work at Banana Republic.

Although I’m making this comparison, this outfit is also entirely different from those old “uniform” looks. I’m loving the print of this blouse, especially mirrored in the blue of my handbag. Plus I like the juxtaposition of the ruffly collar and puff sleeves with these rugged cargo pants. I’m thinking about getting them hemmed to ankle length. See? Sometimes the silhouette works, but the elements need some fine tuning.

OUTFIT DETAILS  All clothing pieces c/o online thrifting website thredUP! This is the third of a week’s worth of outfits from my haul. | top, Banana Republic | cargo pants, GAP | handbag, Coach Molly | shoes, Banana Republic | shades, GAP

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