March 16, 2011

Worn Cardigan & belt: Banana Republic, dress: LOFT, boots: J.Crew, tights: Spanx via Nordstrom, necklace: Park Lane.

Details Hello bloggies.  Here is an outfit from my files that was never posted.  At the time I wasn’t sure of this outfit, and still don’t really like the photos, but as of late it’s been tough to take photos at all.  I rearranged the furniture in my bedroom so it’s hard to take photos in front of my trusty curtain unless I go out and replace my broken tripod.  Also, husband’s night classes are now Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday which makes it tough to get outside and take photos in the GORGEOUS Seattle weather that we’ve been having.  Plus when it’s sunny and gorgeous this girl wants to sip out to happy hour on a comfy patio instead of brainstorming a solution to the photo problem.  Don’t worry, more photos soon.  Next week I’ll be on spring break and can’t wait for all that is lazy and crafty.

I’ve been playing with my sewing machine a bit, but did not create a maxi skirt as previously philosophized.  Oh well.  Over spring break I’ll be visiting my Mama and we’re going to sew sew sew together and I can’t wait!  I also can’t wait to see some friends I haven’t seen in forever like this one.  Yay!  I have not given up on the Everybody Everywear maxi dress/skirt challenge, however.  I purchased a great little dress at Old Navy, but was dissatisfied with my styling of it on Monday.  Therefore I’ll be brainstorming and putting it together again soon.  This one really is a challenge for me!