top, LOFT | patterned jeans, Joe’s Jeans | jacket, LOFT c/o thredup  | handbag, Proenza Schouler PS1 via Goodwill | heels, Splendid c/o Zappos | monogram ring, c/o o’Necklace | nail polish, Urban Outfitters provided by my darling neice

Oh you guys. I found the Holy Grail at Goodwill last week. Prenza Schouler. PS1. Le sigh. I thought I was going to scream right there in the store. But instead I hugged it like a small child with a Barbie doll box and bee-lined for my sister who was looking at tops across the store. I may or may not have whisper shrieked. I buried it under clothes in my basket, my mind racing. Yes folks, that’s the absolute highest of highs while thrift shopping.

Proenza Schouler is one of my favorite design houses, and the PS1 has always been on that level of handbag that I’ve always admired but thought never possible for me. I mean, seriously, who’s really buying a $1,780 handbag. I guess this girl is. The only difference is I paid $19.97 for mine. I’m still in shock. This isn’t the only treasure I went home with that day, either. I’ll be sharing my whole thrifting haul and my best thrift tips later this week. Until then, word up to my teacher friends who had to say goodbye to spring break on Sunday. It couldn’t have been a prettier week for gratuitously naps and walks in the sunshine.