June 1, 2011

Worn Dress: Rebecca Taylor (thrifted), cardigan: Banana Republic, belt: gift (used to be husband’s grandma’s), tights: Spanx, shoes: Forever 21.

Details If my eyes look a bit sleepy in these photos, they are.  After a long day at school I was the last car in the parking lot, excluding the evening custodian of course.  Luckily for me he hadn’t locked up the gate when I slipped out at 7:00pm.  I don’t usually stay so late, but sometimes I just feel the itch to plan plan plan and get as much done as possible.  Wednesdays are a good day for this as husband has night class.  These sunny evenings sure make it easier to stay late and forget the time.

This outfit is about color color color.  I hadn’t yet paired this cardigan and dress and surprisingly it worked.  I’ve been wearing this dress a ton lately and have found lots of new ways to put it together to keep things interesting.  What you aren’t seeing is my teal Coach handbag, which took it a little too far, but sometimes despite my best efforts I’m a wee bit too tired in the AM to go for the gusto of a handbag change as well.