January 31, 2011

Where: Teaching today at school and a meeting after school…then sitting around fiddling with my new blog for several hours…

Grey silk dress: Banana Republic (Fall 2008)
Blue print fabric/bead necklace: Banana Republic (Summer 2007)
Skinny silver belt: TJ Maxx
Grey tights: Spanx
Black booties: Sofft

Details: I am so thrilled to be posting tonight (even though it’s past my bedtime) after all of the hullabaloo around migrating my blog from tumblr to WordPress. I’m happy to be at home here at lindsayliving.com and excited that you’ve made the trek over to check things out! Welcome!

Today is my last day of freedom before the 30 for 30 Challenge and I’m actually pretty excited about starting this week. I was a bit nervous and spent the bulk of Sunday evening finalizing my decisions, which I promise to post tomorrow as soon as possible along with outfit numero uno. Kendi of Kendi Everyday who made up the 30 for 30 explains things pretty simply on her blog, but if you haven’t been over there, I will explain it like she does: 30 (or less) items for 30 (or more) days to create 30 (or more) unique looks to push your creativity with a finite number of clothing items from your closet. Another hitch? I can’t shop for 30 days. This shouldn’t be too hard considering all of my holiday gift cards have run dry and I’m not planning on buying a lottery ticket anytime soon.