January 30, 2011

Where: Sitting around the house fiddling with the new blog and grading papers, then off to downtown to stroll the streets and get coffee with husband.


Dress: INC via Macy’s

Beige open cardigan: Banana Republic (Summer 2008?)

Green tights: Spanx

Brown booties: H&M

Details: Sometimes I think this blog should be called “Me and My Dresses” because of my clear love affair with this wonderful genre of clothing.  I know dresses are fussy to lots of girls and they avoid them.  Plus tights can be itchy and you feel like you have to yank on them all day long.  I guess I feel the opposite…and it’s been an evolution.  I have always loved dresses, but haven’t always felt comfortable in them.  I look for pieces that are interesting enough to hold my fancy, while being comfortable enough for me to wear anywhere.  This dress was purchased when I was miserable and had gained weight during my grad program and job search last summer.  I took the elastic out of the sleeves because it was bunchy under cardigans and now it’s one of the most comfortable things I own.  And because of the stretchy cotton fabric it still fits 🙂

Happy dressing!