DSC_0834 DSC_0833striped skirt

Whenever I wear leather I feel tough. Well, I guess that doesn’t go for leather shoes, because, well, they’re just shoes and unless they’re leather boots with studs they aren’t particularly tough. I guess if I’m really honest this jacket certainly isn’t made of leather, it’s made of “leather” (the bunny ears are an important detail on that word) so I guess it would be more accurate to say when I wear “leather” I feel tough. So many of my fashion choices are girly and frilly and pleated and trimmed and sweeeeeet, that it’s fun to get tough every now and again. I guess black does that too, when paired just so. This outfit feels very Seattle to me right now, too. Plaid + black + “leather” + stratus clouds + raindrops + attitude = tough. Done and done.

Sorry for the little blog break this week! It was not intentional. I got so busy at work and had to get things done, but am back to regular schedule next week and will be posting some extras like this outfit since I have some saved up. We’re also starting to get packed up for our big move! Apologies on the blurry photos again. The rain sure makes it tough to get good shots. This weekend we’ll be in pursuit of better images. Wish us luck!


OUTFIT DETAILS  jacket, Target (similar) | blouse, Madewell | skirt, Banana Republic | tights, Spanx | boots, Sofft