sweater, J.Crew (similar, on sale!) | skirt, Banana Republic (exact, on sale!) | handbag, vintage Coach | heels, Joe’s Jeans (similar) | watch, Apple Watch Series 1 in rose gold 

Holy moly the sun came out! I honestly couldn’t be happier. Although this Daylight Savings malarky is, well, malarky, and certainly threw me off a little this week, the sun totally makes up for it. I know, I know, I’m always writing about the weather in these outfit posts. But in Seattle, as a style blogger, weather is my paramount concern. I’m always battling against the sunshine, cloud cover, and the imminent possibility of rain and I live and die by the daily sunset time estimate. I take all of my own photos, so it’s all up to me to make it happen. So let’s all say a little thanks to the sun for coming out today, and for staying out until 7:15. Thanks, lady!

I like to think of this outfit as the discount special. Although I do most of my shopping on the cheap, mixing thrifted finds with items from the sale rack, this one is all sale rack duds. I found this sweater on super clearance a couple years ago and it’s become a true closet staple. It’s a little big on me now, but I kind of like the slouchy fit. I found this skirt a couple weeks ago on clearance at my old stomping grounds, Banana Republic. It’s a great spring transitional piece. But it’s also super oversized so definitely size down 1-2 sizes if you try it. I went down TWO sizes and was totally shocked. I’m definitely smallest in the waist, but if you can believe it this one is a size 2! I’m definitely not a 2, but that’s just the cut of this skirt. These heels were also found on super sale at Nordstrom Rack and since I got them back from the cobbler a couple weeks ago I have been wearing them a ton. Feels like I got new shoes without spending the money! I’ve gotten a few questions about this flawless vintage Coach shoulder bag lately, too! It was a gift from my mama from her personal collection from when she cleaned out her closet a few years ago. I absolutely love it, but like several of my favorite pieces, I don’t use it nearly enough. One of my fashion goals this year is to really wear all the lovelies that sometimes get forgotten about in my closet. I’ve had so much fun carrying this one lately and I think of my mama every time I step out with it.