March 4, 2011

Worn Cardigan: Merona via Target, dress: I.N.C. via Macy’s, grey tights: Spanx, boots: Maryn by Steve Madden via Nordstrom, necklace: Tiffany & Co. (the first piece of jewelry husband ever gave me).

Details I am so behind on my posts, but I can’t complain because I had a lovely weekend visiting my longest best friend and her pregnant belly for her baby shower.  This is my look from Friday’s school day.  I have since finished my 30 (Hooray!) and am now working on updating the blog with these last few outfits.  I have to admit I got a little frantic toward the end and after I purchased a lovely little dress at J.Crew (on sale!!) I was dying to finish up and get back to everything else in my closet.

There are so many things I’ve learned from doing the 30 for 30.  Although I was initially nervous to throw my hat (err, my 30 items) into the ring (now I’ve really confused myself…), I’m glad that I did because it’s ignited more whimsy and spontaneity into the way I select my outfits.  Last year I found myself getting so busy that I was just throwing anything together and spending a lot of days feeling really blah.  Since the inception of Lindsay LIving and through the process of the 30 for 30, I find myself letting go of more of my self-imposed rules and focusing more on shapes that work together and prints that compliment each other.  I’ve always gone for things that were a little bit different (as one co-worker put it, “You have such a…unique personal aesthetic.”) and it’s been so fun to get so involved in something I enjoy so very much.

Sometimes Matty can’t resist popping through my curtain.  Especially when he’s anxious for our Friday date night…