blazer, | sweater, Zara | skirt, Banana Republic | ankle-strap heels, Joe’s Jeans | handbag, Rebecca Minkoff ‘Swing’ | fingerless gloves, Cost Plus World Market | anchor pendant necklace, c/o Blue Nile

Hello friends! And happy Friday! It’s finally here! I’m extra excited because I’m flying off to Vegas for the weekend with my BFF and her two sisters. I am so over the cold weather and can’t wait to leave this freezing, drizzling wasteland for some SUN. I’m even packing my bathing suit. Le sigh…

I honestly thought about calling this post, “Me Freezing My Butt Off in the Name of Fashion,” but I thought better of it. And here I had planned to tell you all about how you can easily transition into spring by pairing things like light, sweet skirts with bold sweaters, and blazers as outerwear. When I shot these photos it was windy, rainy, and overall frigid out. Did I mention I’m a total wuss in the cold? This sweater/blazer combo did little to make up for the fact that I couldn’t feel my legs. I confront this frustration every February/March, bargaining with myself between the desire to wear my spring clothes and my desire to have feeling in my extremities. It’s a wonder I haven’t moved off to California yet, but I just love Seattle way too much. If a little chilly (albeit at times miserable) weather means I can go skiing on the weekend and look forward to a beautiful spring, then so be it. Until then I’ll be crying in my coffee every morning until it’s at least 60.

I’m excited to bring you some outfit photos from the sunny streets of Vegas next week! Plus, I’m co-hosting a link-up of denim trends next Monday with Ana Luiza of Northwest Blonde and Michelle of Michelle’s Pa(i)ge. So if you blog, take a few outfit photos this weekend of your current favorite denim obsession whether it be a jacket, skirt, jumper, overalls, or simply your favorite pair of jeans. Lately I’ve been obsessed with all things denim and can’t wait to be inspired by all of your favorites.