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Six more wake-ups until I can call it summer. It sounds super nerdy, but I’m having so much fun thinking about next year already. I have big plans for some more classroom organization and decor and a whole new outlook on planning and time management as well as tons of ideas for beginning-of-the-year lessons, activities, and routines. In other words, I’m totally dorking out about teaching. What else is new?

A lot is changing in my curriculum for the coming year, and I’ll be spending my summer at the Teacher’s College Home Grown Institute learning about Reading Workshop, and then I’ll be working through it teaching literacy for summer school in July. The days are short, half days four days a week, so there’s still plenty of time to hit the gym, relax, and spend my evenings ODing on teaching books and TPT, reading teacher blogs ’til the wee hours, and pinning like crazy. Plus a few camping trips, some pleasure reading, and lots of fun on patios.

For now I’m enjoying every last second with this batch of second graders. They were truly an unforgettable group and it’s been a year I won’t soon forget. I love these kids so much and am not yet ready to let them go. Yet this is the life of a teacher, spending each new year falling in love with a rag-tag group of young scholars, growing so close to them while celebrating their parades and pitfalls, only to send them off out into the world again to greet yet another year full of firsts the following September.

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