April 28, 2012

Worn  sweater, LOFT | dress, Target | handbag, vintage Coach | boots, Frye, thrifted | belt, Target

Details  We had the most fabulous weekend. It was so full of fun and love that it was hard to bid it adieu. Friday started out with a visit from my childhood best friend and her family including her one-year-old baby. I loved staring into her little baby blues entertaining her with endless silly noises and elaborate dance performances starring her tiny dog stuffed animal. I’m good with babies because I’m a pro at silly noises. Seriously, it’s a hidden talent I possess. Thank heaven those years of childish behavior aren’t a total loss.

Next up was dinner and some shopping with my lovely in-laws who were in town to celebrate my bro-in-law’s birthday. That meant a trip to some of our favorite restaurants and shops including a lazy stroll through Pike Place Market. We bought some b-e-a-utiful tulips with have found a splendid home amidst my many curriculum guides on the lesson planning area at my table. I never tire of waltzing past every brilliant bloom in the market, and it’s always a thrill to pick out a bouquet of my very own. I’m truly made for this city; ten dollar flowers and elderly spiritual singers simply make my day. Continue scrolling down for some more snapshots from our lovely day down there. Happy Monday, friends!