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I had so much fun getting to know SEE Eyewear and all of their amazing frames at their launch party last week. They’re a fabulously stylish and charitable eyeglasses company with locations all over the US and we’re so lucky to have finally gotten one of their shops in downtown Seattle. Each pair of glasses is so interesting and unique, you can’t help but try on a million pairs as soon as you walk in the door. Although I’ve seen some lovely pairs of glasses from other companies, I don’t think many can compete with the variety SEE has to offer. Plus, because they source glasses directly from the designers, the price tags won’t shock you. Most of the sunglasses are just $99!

I snapped these photos at their launch party last week and took best friend C. as my plus one. We had a blast trying on anything and everything. One of my favorite girls was also in attendance, the lovely Katrina of The Demure Muse. She’s arguably the glasses queen (check out these amazing frames) and I loved getting her opinion on which style I should get. SEE spoiled us with goody bags that included a Julep nail polish (my first color from them!), glasses accessories like a repair kit and storage box, and gift certificates galore. I can’t wait to select my first pair of SEE frames. Plus, during their opening weekend a portion of all sales went to the local YWCA. I love it when cool companies get even cooler by giving back.

Check out the SEE collection online or by visiting their shop in downtown Seattle at 1429 5th Avenue, also known as they old Betsey Johnson space next to the Red Lion Hotel. They’re also in a host of other cities including L.A., San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis, and Nashville. SEE is getting new styles all the time so if you like it, order it right away!


I think these were my favorite frames. Which color should I get?

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The options in sunglasses is absolutely astounding! I love the variety in style and color.


I was happy to run into my buddy Katrina at the party!


A couple of the fabulous girls in glasses giving party-goers tips on the right frame to try.


Yummy refreshments!