Dress: thrifted, originally from H&M.  I’m thinking of pairing it with dark brown tights and boots, a sweater and my sloppy grey handbag.  

I haven’t gone thrifting in quite awhile.  It used to be a staple in my ever-changing wardrobe.  As soon as my small closet became overstuffed and unmanageable, or when my bank account dipped dangerously close to the red, I’d gather up my least favorite items and trudge down to the local consignment shop.  

I’d blame my hiatus from thrifting on the lack of quality thrift stores in Spokane, but the truth is I didn’t look very hard.  I became a mall store baby from years of managing at Banana Republic.  This provided a fantastic 50% off discount and more BR clothes, bags and shoes that would fit in my tiny closet, but also had me looking for a certain level of quality and deterred me from visiting my favorite thirft shops.  

No longer employed by a clothing retailer, I am finding new places of finding fashion.  And on a teacher’s salary my options can be more limited.  I can either buy one nice thing per month or search for deals and steals.  

So for my two garbage bags of handbags and two grocery sacks of shoes I sold most of the handbags, no shoes, and bought one perfect dress for $8 and got a nice $130 check….

Which of course I’m planning to spend on new boots.  Some things never change.