Yes. I’ll admit it. I cannot buy boots at Nordstrom. Or Banana Republic. Or Nordstrom Rack or Macy’s either. I have (shudder) wide calves. The bane of my existence. I love love love boots so much and want nothing more than to have a closet full of styles and colors to enhance my look. Alas, the average retail giant does not wish to supply to this need.

Naturalizer Barstowe Wide Shaft Boot (left), $140,

Portlandia Bellevue Boot (right), $229,

Some fashion purists may believe that if things don’t come in your size naturally then you should avoid it due to the likelihood that it will be unflattering. For a long time I believed this until I took a chance on some J.Crew wide calf mid-heel stunners that have gained me compliments with every wear. They have lasted two years and still look amazing.

So now I’m going to use that $130 consignment check toward a shiny new black pair. Search is on. I’ve found two options which are both admittedly expensive and am trying to decide which one is best.

What do you think?