Sometimes it’s hard to come up with gift ideas when people ask me what I want.  I enjoy shopping so much and seeking out new and interesting finds on my own that it’s hard to be sure that something is THE thing that I know I will love.  But all that changed when I found the Diana camera.  This all plastic camera (including the plastic lens) was first popular in the 1960s as the go-to camera for lightweight travel and durable functionality.  

The Diana’s dreamy, soft focus images truly make it magical.  The new version, lovingly recreated for sale at Urban Outfitters, adds even more functionality with sweeping panoramic images and pinhole camera capabilities.  In nerd speak this means BEYOND COOL.  I have an iPhone app called Hipstamatic that does pretty much the same thing.  I would love to find one of these under my Christmas tree to really get into it.  Digital-enthusiasts beware; these cameras take 120mm film that must be developed, but this is still available for at most drugstores.  

I didn’t want to post any photos without permissions, but take a look here for some more Diana photos and check out the Lomography website for more general info here.