Saturday I visited heaven…better known as H&M.  I love this place and used to pray on my knees at night that they would deliver one to the U.S.  Once stores started opening stateside, I understood when populous cities like New York and L.A. got them, but when Milwaukee, Wisconsin got one before Seattle I threw a 3-year-old-child’s size tantrum.  By the time we moved away to Portland I heard about plans to build two in the greater Seattle area.  Hmph.  Now that I’m back in the city I love, I am happy to report I am wholeheartedly enjoying visiting my local downtown store whenever the mood strikes.  

Saturday’s finds: Brown Booties $24.95, Vintage-Inspired Floral Dress with Stretchy Belt $34.95, Skinny Black Woven Belt $5.95.

I can’t wait to start playing with these pieces in different outfit combos.  Pics to come soon!