Another little bit of completely awesome Xmas loot, these rugged and sturdy Frye boots were a gift from my in-laws this holiday.  They are outta-this-world comfy and get better with every wear.  They are great with my dark denim skinnies and my ruffly plaid shirt.  

Every now and again you have to jump out of your little comfort zone and try something new.  These boots are just that for me.  I always saw the display of Frye boots at Nordy’s and thought I just couldn’t pull them off.  That’s hard for me to say considering I hate it when people limit their style with that silly phrase.  I always tell friends to just give things a try.  You’ll either like it or you won’t, but it’s not about your ability to pull them off.  Every woman is gorgeous and unique and interesting in her own way and we don’t need to discount ourselves by saying we can’t pull something off.  One of my professors used to say, “Words are not neutral.”  In this case I truly believe that.  If an item doesn’t look right on our bodies the problem is with the item, not with us.  

Next time you go shopping…just give it a try, whatever it is.  Just do it.  You know you want to…