While downtown the other night picking up hubby’s awesome birthday gifts, I stopped by one of my favorite haunts to try on some of the new (and old) gorgeous-ness.  This dress is beautiful and for Anthro is now a great price.  Unfortunately the waist was a little high for this girl.  A shame, but I still admire it.  I love this color combination and want to use it as inspiration for something soon.  

I also couldn’t resist this little number which was prominently displayed on the front table with a rugged brown sweater.  I love the idea of pairing something so ladylike with something so boyfriend-ish.  Love.  The skirt is great, but I wasn’t a fan of the elastic waistband, which generally I believe should be reserved for babies and the elderly.  For my money I like something a little more structured.  Still love it though so the jury is still out.

Now for some stuff I did purchase…

Sweater, jeans, and top all from Banana Republic.  And yes, that’s me admiring my sweater in the mirror.  Oh gees.  I have no words.