While out shopping for maternity clothes for my friend Suzy I also did a little shopping. We started looking around in B.P. at Nordstrom.  Although B.P. is a juniors section, you can often find some super cute stuff at cheaper pricing.  You just have to have a sense of humor when things are hilariously too small.  Suzy and I spent some time giggling at some of the items, but we’re well aware that we’re not 15 anymore…

I liked this first look, but thought the dress was a wee bit short for school.  I searched for some of these items online, and couldn’t find anything.  Maybe I tried on all new stuff… 

This next look was my first shot at leggings.  I’m still not sure if they’re really me, but I would love to find some control top, truly matte black tights that I could wear with long tops like this one.  This navy top had a cute fit on top, but hit my waist at a funny spot.  Cute, but not in love.

My favorite outfit got the stamp of approval from my pal Suzy, too.  This navy dress is a similar style as this one I thrifted last month (found here) and works well with an understated cardigan.  I opted not to take the cardigan (because I think I can find a similar one for much less than $38) in favor of a hot pink printed infinity scarf I found at the counter (which is adorable and was only $18).

My little splurge of the day filled a need I have been searching to fill for many months: a new pair of comfortable and equally stylish flats.  It’s hard for me to spend over $50 on a single item, unless I know it’s a timeless piece that will see a lot of wear.  My old jeweled flats have served me well, but I have totally worn them out.  This pair isn’t as fancy, but they’re comfy and cute, and the knot on the toe adds some extra flair.  Perfect for those days when I need a break from my heels.  

Black flats, Me Too, Nordstrom, $88.95.