Well, it happened. I finally joined Stitch Fix. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. After hearing from everyone including my ProTeach support teacher, my doctor, and of course the lovely Jenn Haskins, I had to try it for myself.

I take great pride in being my own stylist. I love shopping in in person, seeing all the clothes in person, trying everything on and putting new outfits together. Despite my desire to have total control over my look, I thought it would be fun to see what a Stitch Fix stylist might put together for me. I put together my profile, selected my likes/dislikes, sizes, pointed them to my blog and a little Pinterest board I created for inspiration. Then I waited for the box to arrive…


The darling little box came packed beautifully, everything wrapped in tissue with marketing on point! I so appreciate details like that. I couldn’t wait to find out what was inside the box for my first Fix! My stylist included a personalized note and list of outfit ideas and style tips for each piece which was super helpful in brainstorming how many ways I could wear any selections. It was fun to see how these pieces might work with the items already in my closet.

Item #1, Kut from the Kloth “Aviva” Distressed Boyfriend Jean, size 8, $88

(Shop Similar: Kut from the Kloth “Catherine”)

I honestly didn’t think I would like these pants. I had boyfriend jeans only once before, man years ago when I was much heavier and really only wore them because they were insanely comfortable. Although I have cute, semi-relaxed, semi-fitted overalls, I wasn’t sure this silhouette would work for me as just a pair of jeans. Then I met this pair. They’re the perfect marriage of cute, comfy, relaxed, fitted, awesome distressing perfection. And clearly I’m not yet tired of jeans with holes in the knees.

Final Decision? Keep. They’re just wonderful. I couldn’t put them back in the bag. I think Ill be wearing these jeans a lot.

Item #2, 41Hawthorn “Sybill” Scoop Neck Blouse, size medium, $56

(Shop Similar: Bella Fiore, Sunny Girl)

This was a tough one. The first time I put it on, I thought the shape was way off for me. It just didn’t hit right, move right, etc. But I loved the print and the sleeve detail. I was resolved to send it back, but then, I randomly tried it on again a few days later. Total turnaround. I kinda fell for it actually, especially with these jeans that I’d previously decided to keep. It tucked in so easily, and the it was just cute and casual enough to work in a lot of ways.

Final Decision? Return. I was on the fence right up until bag return day. But ultimately, since I just bought a new car, I decided to send it back.

 Item #3, Romolo “Valentina” Bead Bib Necklace, $44

(Shop Similar: Harlow, Natasha Couture)

I have a fair amount of jewelry, so when this arrived I was thinking it would be the easiest thing to send back. I thought for sure I just didn’t need it. Honestly it was the last thing I tried on. But something about it over the 41Hawthorn blouse really spoke to me. It was statement, yet subtle.

Final Decision? Return. Ultimately I decided that since I have another white beaded necklace I didn’t need this one. Looking at these photos though, I’m beginning to regret that hasty decision.

Item #4, Brixon Ivy “Levi” Dress, size medium, $68

(Shop Similar: Dex, Tiana B.)

Over the years I’ve looked at similar dresses online and even tried on a few in stores. This stripe is my sister’s favorite, so honestly I should have just saved it for a Christmas gift or something. Plus she’s a lot taller than me which would have helped. I wanted to like this dress, but honestly I felt it was too long and too high-necked for me. I would have loved a v-neck and a serious hem job. Not mini-length, but definitely about five inches off would have made a big difference. And while we’re asking for things, a more defined waist. I probably should have tried it with a belt, but so much else wasn’t working I let it go.

Final Decision? Return. Clearly not my dress.

Item #5, Andrew Marc “Ourenia” Cargo Rain Jacket, size medium, $98

(Shop Similar: Hunter, Soia & Kyo)

When I saw this jacket I was instantly hooked. The bold color yet total function for spring in Seattle was right on. Plus I usually love things like pocket details and contrasting zippers. The only real issue here was the overall fit. This jacket is bulky and boxy and totally drowns my shape. Although  I want a jacket to feel roomy enough for layering, for a spring jacket it was just overwhelming. I loved the hide-able hood and roll-up sleeves though.

Final Decision? Return Truly, I just don’t need it in my wardrobe right now.


Well, there you have it! My first Stitch Fix. I have to say this was so much fun that I just can’t wait for the next box to arrive. Even though I sent most of the pieces back, my $20 fee went towards the jeans I kept. I’m excited to see how my Fixes get better as my stylist gets to know me a bit more. It’s also fun to go outside my comfort zone and try things on that I may have otherwise not noticed.




Please Note: I was not compensated by Stitch Fix or any of the companies associated with these items. I pay for my subscription and all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links and referral links. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Lindsay Living.